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Contact Us / F.A.Q.

We love to hear from our customers.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions.  See below for a list of common questions.

Toll Free Phone: 1-866-44-VIDEO (84336)
Local Phone: (248) 383-5641
Email: info@orderlockwood.com
Mail: 7128 Cooley Lake Road Waterford MI, 48337

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Q. What events will you be attending?
A. Check our production schedule page for a complete list.  We will update this page as new events are added.

Q. What are your customer service hours?
A. 12:00pm to 6:00pm Monday Wednesday & Friday EST.  The times and days will increase as the season progresses.

Q. How do I order a DVD?
A. Ordering at our sales booth the day of the event or pre-ordering online is the best way to order.  This insures you will have the opportunity to take your DVD home same day.  After the event you can order online or phone.

Q. Can I order previous year's DVD's?
A. Absolutely!  Since this website is new, previous year's DVD's might not be on this site.  Contact us to order a copy.

Q. The event I'm trying to order isn't listed online.  How do I order?
A. Contact us and we will take the order over the phone.

Q. How many team performances are included on a DVD?
A. We try to put one full session on one DVD, but this isn't always possible, especially for larger events.  We typically include around 20 teams on a DVD, and we never break up divisions on multiple DVD's.  Your DVD will include your division and other parts of the competition.  This DVD is fully chaptered, making navigation easy and hassle free.

Q. Are your videos High Definition?  How will your video look on my new big HD screen?
A. Currently, there is no affordable and quick way produce High Definition DVD's.  All of our DVD's are Standard Deffinition, which means you will need an upconvert DVD player to view them on your HD television.  This upconvert process can degrade the image quailty.  We are planning to offer HD videos in the 2012 / 2013 cheer season.

Q. Can I pick my order up at the event?
A. Absolutely!  All of our products will be available same day at no additional cost!

Q. How are DVD's shipped?
A. We ship our DVD's via USPS first class or priority mail.  Orders are sent from Michigan, near Detroit.  It generally takes 3-5 business days for orders to arrive once they are shipped.  If you would like your DVD shipped via another method, please call us to place a phone order.

Q. How long will it take to receive my order?
A. Orders placed on or before the day of the event can be picked up at our sales booth by the end of the awards session.  Orders not claimed after the event will be shipped to the address you provided.  It generally takes about one week after the event to sort through left over orders and quality check DVD's.  After that, orders placed online are usually processed within one business day, and arrive in 3-5 business days.

Q. Can I place a rush order?
A. Ordering a digital download is by far the quickest way to receive your video.  If you need a physical DVD shipped quickly, please call us at 1-866-44-VIDEO to place a phone order.

Q. Are your DVD's copy protected?
A. Yes.  We videotape these events in exchange for DVD sales.  It is illegal to copy these DVD's, and it makes DVD's less afforable for everyone else.

Q. My DVD will not play or malfunctions.  What should I do?
A. There are many things that can cause a DVD malfunction.  The most common causes are fingerprints, smudges, or scratches on the DVD, and incompatible DVD media.  Please test your DVD in a second player, and gently wash it with mild dish soap if it is dirty.  If that does not solve the problem please contact us for assistance.

Q. My digital download isn't playing on my computer, or gives me an error.  Can you fix it?
A. Our digital downloads are delivered in Windows Media format.  If you encounter problems try downloading VLC player here.  This player is free, and is the best option for playing back video files.  If you continue to encounter problems after trying VLC player, try downloading the video one more time.  If the file still fails to play contact us and we will assist you.

Q. My team isn't on the DVD I received.  What now?
A. Contact us right away and our staff will help locate the correct disc and send you a replacement.  When you call be sure to indicate the event name and disc number.

Q. I am unhappy with my video.  Can I get a refund?
A. We strive to provide high quality, fast, and affordable products.  If you're dissatisfied contact us.  We will resolve the problem or give you a refund.

Q. I'm interested in hiring Lockwood Media to videotape my event.  How much does it cost?
A. It costs little or nothing for us to tape an event.  If the event is large enough, we will pay your organization.  Contact us to find out more.

Q. Does Lockwood Media Group videotape events besides cheerleading?
A. Absolutely!  We specialize in live events of all kinds including dance recitals, gymnastics, football games, weddings, and corporate functions!

Fundraising F.A.Q's 

Q. When will we recieve our DVD's?
A. For events that we offer same DVD's they will be available at the end of your session.  Orders not claimed at the event, or for events that do not offer same day DVD sales, will ship your order the following week.
Q. How do we access the Video On Demand Webpage?
A. After we have finished creating your page (generally one - two weeks following the event) we will send an email to the person who placed the order with a web link to your page.
Q. Is our Video On Demand webpage pubilc?
A. It is, but the only way someone will be able to see your page is if they know your webpage address link.  We do not link it to our website or make it public.
Q. Can I Share the video's from our Video On Demand Webpage?
A. Yes.  Use the share button on the bottom of your video.
Q. Can we copy our DVD's?
A. Only DVD's purchased with our Digital Rights Package may be copied.  All other DVD's are locked and encrypted.

Q. How will we recieve our rebate?
A. We will send a rebate check made out to the contact person at the address provided with the order.  These are sent out the 15th of every month for the previous months orders. 

Q. What are our rebates used for?
A. Anything you want!  We rebate back a check every month.
Q. Can we include all of our teams on our DVD?
A. DVD orders can be mixed and matched.  VOD and The Digital Rights Packs are sold by team. 

Q. Can we add teams to our Video On Demand Webpage?
A. Yes.  After your first VOD order has been processed, future orders will be added to your webpage. 

Q. Can we order after the event?
A. Yes.  Orders placed after the event generally ship in about one week.  Orders placed after the event receive the same pricing, but no rebate.
Q. We missed the pre-order cut off.  Can we still order?
A. Yes.  The same pricing applies but are inelligible for a rebate.